FollowUP allows you to assess your business based on the opportunities generated by your points of sale instead of the result, as has been done for many years in the retail industry.

Knowing a customer's experience, and making this information manageable, allows you to focus your retail organization on them to achieve constant, major improvements in service quality. This inevitably leads to an increase in sales and complete buying experiences, converting consumers into loyal customers.

Focus on the customer

Your organization will learn how to work with service quality KPIs to achieve better results.

Align the Organization

Everyone will speak the same language, ensuring that objectives in every area of your business are exceeded.

Measure and improve

Your organization will have clear indicators to allow you to improve customer experience. What is not measured cannot be improved.

Continuous improvement

Our service cycle will help your organization adopt a continuous improvement culture. It is not enough to just update yourself, you must also learn how to adapt.

Innovation and technology

Your company will always have the latest technologies to confront an ever-changing industry.