Our experience has taught us that in order to fully change customer perception of a retail organization, it is necessary to work in a planned and gradual manner towards this goal. We developed stages in our service that allow retailers to rely on us from the implementation of technologies to generate data, to the creation of business cases that are then propagated throughout the chain as good practices. Thus, we deliver tools and knowledge that enable the correct application of service quality indicators.

Step 1: Installation and integration

Installation and integration

Let our Operations team take care of the planning, installation and configuration of all sensors and technologies that we will implement in your stores.

Furthermore, we make it easy to get information about your goals and points of sale into FollowUP.

Step 2: Tracking and support

Tracking and support

The technologies we implement, together with our service protocols, allow us to identify possible issues, take control of incidents and provide prompt support to resolve them.

Step 3: Adoption


We will teach your entire organization how to use the FollowUP service. We know that the only way to give meaning to the data is to create a culture focused on customer experience.

Step 4: What happens at your point of sale?

What happens at your point of sale?

Each point of sale is unique and, as such, demands a personalized strategy. FollowUP helps you identify these differences and take action to maximize profitability.

Step 5: Resource optimization

Resource optimization

Once we understand your points of sale, we optimize your resources to make continuous improvements in management.

Step 6: Make business cases

Make business cases

We build, with you, test scenarios and success cases that we will replicate throughout your organization. You will be amazed by these results.

Step 7: Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

We apply new technologies and methodologies to continuously improve!