The cost of FollowUP differs based on the number of stores and the desired modules. Our basic FollowUP service features management indicators such as conversion rate, concurrency, dwell time and a conversion dashboard, as well as several other reports.

The next step is to schedule a meeting with your company's IT department in order to coordinate sensor installation and integration.
Once this is discussed and resolved, we begin in-store installations.

The device installed is a stereographic optical sensor placed above a store's main entrance to allow counting people entering and exiting.
The installation process consists of these three simple steps: cabling, installation and connection to electricity and the internet. The entire process can be completed by our team in less than two hours.

The FollowUP team has all the necessary tools for an early detection of any incident related to the operation of the sensors. Constant, automatic monitoring is performed every day and alerts are sent whenever a sensor is found to be malfunctioning. Additionally, each sensor maintains internal records of everything that happens, whether it is a power outage or connection losses with the local network. Every incident is recorded by our monitoring team.

When an incident is detected it immediately creates a support ticket, which is first verified remotely with the assistance of store staff making visual checks of the equipment. If this step-by-step remote assistance is not enough to solve the problem, then we schedule an on-site visit by a technician.

Our post-sales team has extensive experience in retail performance indicators and will guide you in implementing FollowUP so that you get the maximum benefit out of the indicators that the service provides.

Initially, we accompany the customer through the platform preparation process, then we train users to ensure that they know how to use FollowUP, detecting potential business-closing opportunities and working together to identify actions that will improve customer experience.

These meetings can happen on a monthly basis or every two months. We perform a number of different analyses, based on experience we have obtained through working with retailers worldwide.
Getting to know your customers better will allow you to adapt your organization's resources to best meet their needs.