The new way to do retail create experiences align yourself with your customers

FollowUP is a customer experience management solution focused on improving retailer performance through its deep understanding of customer interactions in stores.

We manage your relationship with customers on three different levels: learn, adapt, interact. Learn customer behavior, adapt strategies for a great experience and interact to create a unified experience across multiple channels.

Who we are

We are a Latin American-Japanese company that specializes in the management of retail customer experience. We work with thousands of stores and brands worldwide, with direct operations in more than 9 countries, working with thousands of users who trust in our service.

We integrate information about what happens at the point of sale (e.g., traffic, customer return rates, stay, waiting time) with store data (e.g., supply, goals and sales) to create a management model that aligns retail, marketing and operations. FollowUP allows the organization to focus on the customer, thus improving their experience, which translates into increased sales, improvements in service perception and ultimately in loyal clients.